Our Families

Our students and their families are a diverse group with differing needs and educational goals. We offer several pathways, so our families can customize their educational experience at MPCA. Our Biblically-based curriculum provides an education that prepares students for a successful, Christ-centered life.

College Bound

For our many students planning to attend college, MPCA provides rigorous, college-preparatory, online coursework for Christian distance learning all over the world. We utilize a fully online, web-based learning system that allows students to take courses and prepare for college no matter where they live. Teachers and students interact regularly through Skype, web conference, and email. MPCA provides its students a course map for their high school years to ensure they meet their state’s graduation requirements and are academically, spiritually, and socially prepared for college and beyond.


For our missionary families, MPCA is an ideal education choice. We provide rigorous online coursework for Christian distance learning all over the world. Our web-based learning management system allows students to develop at their own pace and take courses from anywhere they can access the Internet. Teachers and students interact regularly through Skype, web conference and email. MPCA is also committed to the spiritual growth of students. Our online high school courses are Biblically integrated and are taught through a Christian worldview.


Homeschool families benefit from our rigorous and challenging college preparatory education for online students in a Christian environment. Homeschool parents continue to be involved in their children’s education, but the challenges of planning lessons, grading assignments, and ensuring accurate testing can now be managed by attentive MPCA teachers and staff. MPCA curriculum is structured, but like homeschooling, it allows for flexible student pacing. Our online homeschool Christian courses allow students to choose from a wide selection of core subjects and electives. Building on the best practices of our successful main campus school, MPCA offers homeschool students rigorous, Biblically integrated coursework presented from a Christian worldview.